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Dec 4, 19

The Company

Atlass Hardware Expands to the Caribbean

As we head into the holiday season, we are happy to share that the Atlass Hardware family is growing, and we have even m...

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Mar 5, 19

Best Practices

On Site Storage: Hollow Metal

Keep your hollow metal doors safe on the job site by implementing these best practices.

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Feb 15, 19

Best Practices

On Site Storage: Prehung Doors

Don’t let your doors get hung out to dry.  Implement these best practices for storing your prehung doors on the j...

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Feb 10, 19

Our People

“Juan-In-A-Million” – Customer Service At Its Best

In 2017, Atlass Hardware Corp. established an annual award entitled the “Juan-In-A-Million Award” in honor o...

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Feb 1, 19

Our People

Fifteen Years and Counting…WOW!

Atlass Hardware Corp. was founded in 2001 (just over 17 years ago).  Caroll and Bill have been a part of the Atlass Har...

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Dec 12, 18


5 Keys to Specifying Hardware: Get What You Really Want

Getting the hardware you need AND really want is a function of defining the scope of the Project. Your door and hardware

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Nov 27, 18


What Way Does Your Door Swing?

Place your backside (YOUR BUTT) against the hinge side (BUTT) of the frame and stretch your arms to the side like airpla...

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Nov 13, 18



Jamb depth starts with determining the wall thickness. So, how do I know what the thickness of the wall is? The parti...

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